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Safe, competitive and enabling circular shipping: that is the CMT solution. From the largest ocean going vessels to clean steel plates in a matter of days through innovation in process and technology.


The CMT Diacutron at the CMT yard

CMT has developed an innovative combination of process and technology, to dismantle ships with mechanized and automated system. This consists of a pre-engineered, sequential, industrialized set of systems, techniques and methods.

The CMT Diacutron is the first stage of the ship dismantling process, reducing the size of the ship without people in the proximity of the process. The CMT Diacutron cuts the ship into slices and blocks by the deployment of a huge cutting wire, especially developed for this purpose only.

The cutting is accompanied by huge volumes of water, which is constantly recycled after usage. Circularity is the main driver of all CMT systems and facilities at the CMT yard are working closely together.


Designed to dismantle the largest ship

The CMT yard is an integrated process of techniques, systems, methods and equipment, designed to dismantle the largest ship, fully automated and mechanized. The process is engineered to allow very high throughput of ships per year and reduce each ship to only basic materials such as clean small steel, regular scrap, clean assorted non-ferrous, clean assorted inert materials and the liquid and solid waste materials from the ships is processed at the CMT yard and converted into basic gasses to produce electricity, LNG and or H2.

System Integration
Quality ánd Quantity

Solving a major problem of the international shipping industry

Only existing, proven technologies are deployed

Innovative logistics system: STB for huge CO2 reductions

Work & income, 300 staff will be employed and 150 contractor jobs

Absolutely safe for humans and the environment

All water deployed at the yard is 100% recycled all the time

100% circularity of all materials coming from ships

Electricity generated is max 80MWh on the CMT yard

CMT staff is well trained and coached

CMT process is a pre-engineered mechanical, automated system

All systems, facilities and methods deployed obey to all laws, rules and regulations

So how do we do it?

Derived from existing technologies and systems

How we do it?