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There are in total 15 main objectives to be fulfilled when the solution can be considered valid and just.


The best possible solution the shipping industries needs

CMT has brought together the principle vision, the best companies to make it work, the time and energy over 7 years to bring it together and the financial resources to allow it to happen.
But most of all, the will to produce the change for the best possible solution the shipping industries needs already for a long time.


CMT Yard Solution

Safety First

Humans and the environment will never be endangered

We go for clean

All CMT systems are based on maximum circularity

We want perfection

Every aspect of the CMT processes are designed to fit together perfectly

CMT Yard Automation

The overall automated systems control of the CMT yard is extended by human controllers who can intervine at any given moment, in any system

No brokers involved, automation

CMT has the objective to purchase ships directly from ship owners.
This is to reduce the costs and the red-tape, and maximizes transparency

CMT Yard Solution

Reusing all Water

The CMT Yard is cleaning and re-circulating its own water; no dumping at all!

The best of the best

Involvement of the best companies to deliver the required combinations for operating a fully operated CMT yard

12 Revenue Generation Product Streams

The business case is excellent due to 12 revenue generating product streams

Very High Production Capacities

Due to very high production capacities and the margins to be made, it is a very solid business case

Investments in the CMT yard

The business case allows for high capex and has low opex: maximum security or return on investments

CMT Yard Solution

Developed by CMT International

The solution offered is developed by Circular Maritime Technologies CMT International

Developed by a private initiative

The CMT yard concept has
been developed the last 6 years from a private initiative, by private investment

12 Partners

Twelve leading technology companies are involved as partner companies of CMT International

Other companies have joined in

Steel companies and shipyards start to adopt the
philosophy and the circularity principle of CMT

Sustainable investments

Investors are looking for the true game changers, CMT is showing how to change for the best, and so sustainably!

CMT Impact Realisation: Socially, environmentally, economically

CMT - How Do We Do It - Impact Realisation
CMT - How Do We Do It - Impact Realisation 2

Always guarded by specialized CMT staff

The sequence of the basic process of dismantling large sizes ships is shown here. The CMT yard is reducing the size step by step through various fully automated tools that reduce sizes up to a moment where finally each part of the ship’s steel structure is reduced to many small pieces. This process is executed fast and precise, managed by special developed control tools and software, but always guarded by specialized CMT staff.

CMY Yard Process Sequence

Launch of proof-of-concept prototype

CMT will revolutionize ship recycling by delivering clean steel – single quality virgin steel composition -thanks to an automated, low carbon, contained and circular process that does no harm to humans or the environment. The CMT project will soon launch its proof-of-concept prototype in the Netherlands. Following an innovative and financially very sound business model, CMT will set up yards with international partners and attract business from shipowners by matching the price paid by South Asian competitors.

Who is CMT?