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Until now, the market for shipbreaking has been driven by low cost solutions that cause great harm to people and planet.

CMT proves that it is possible to dismantle the largest ocean going ships cleanly and safely, while guaranteeing a positive business case.


The CMT solution enables circularity

By automating the entire ship dismantling process CMT has cracked the problem. The CMT solution combines multiple proven techniques that are improved by CMT to be applied to ship dismantling for the first time.

This creates a unique process that brings a ship back to it's original elements, that can all be reused at the highest value level. The main output being virgin quality scrap steel, which is a critical enabler for sustainable steel production. The automation ensures safety and circularity, and a throughput of more than 50 ships per year on a fully operational yard. Because of that, the business case for a CMT yard becomes highly positive.


Mission statement

CMT's mission is to provide yard owners worldwide with the processes and technolgy to dismantle ships in a circular, safe and competitive way.

There are five main elements that are required for the solution fulfil that mission:


What is required

Safety First

Maximum safety for humans and the environment, no open fire or hot work to be deployed in any process.

We go for clean

Maximum reduction of CO2 and air pollution, fully circular processes. No waste may emerge from these processes.

Dismantling capacity

The business case becomes positive because of throughput. With the capacity to dismantle more than 50 ships per year, CMT offers unrivaled production speed.


Automating the entire process ensures safety as well as throughput. People control all processes and about 70 people work on each shift.


The CMT process produces high quality output materials, with homogenous virgin quality scrap steel as main output.

Central Control System

One central control system controlling all units of the process, with each unit able to operate autonomously.

Fast, regardless of size

High speed processing of a ship, regardless of the size and type of the ship.

Always an Excellent Business Case

The solution must have an excellent business case,
under all market situations. The key factor: Volumes X Margins.

Educated and Trained Staff

Staff to be employed must be educated and trained on the CMT yard prior to deployment.

Circularity is key

The solution must be the pinnacle of circularity. We change to total circularity, this must be driven into the solution as the leading factor.

We got the solution

The CMT Solution at CMT Yards all over the world

The Solution